How To Get Backlink and Pagerank Quickly And Safely

This time MR.anas going to share an article titled How to Get Free BackLink And Getting The Many middling lohh Visitor sobb shrink backlinknya for alexa rank and getting a lot of blog visitors ..
Immediately wrote yes i love to know how ...

Kok easy way, you need to do is put my friend the links below in your blog or article:


  1. Free Backlink
  2. Free Banner
  3. Backlink Gratis 
  4. Rejeki Angka
  5. Wong Sirau! | Blogger Gagal
  6. ./ Ahmad ! | Blogger Newbie
  7. Blog-Indraxman
  8. Lmpungcheater
  9. MR.Kurosaki   
  10. mempercantik blog                     

But remember, before you put the link above, my friend had to remove the participant number 1 from the list. So that all participants up 1 level. Who was number 2 become number 1, number 3 was 2, and so on. Then enter your own pal link at the very bottom (number 10). If each participant can take only 5 people, then the number of backlinks that will be obtained are:

When your position 10, the number of backlink = 1
Position 9, Number backlink = 5
Position 8, Number backlink = 25
Position 7, Number backlink = 125
Position 6, Number backlink = 625
Position 5, Number backlink = 3.125
Position 4, Number backlink = 15.625
Position 3, Number backlink = 78.125
Position 2, Number backlink = 390.625
Position 1, Number backlink = 1,953,125

And all of them use keywords that you want. From the side you've got 1,953,125 SEO backlinks and side effects if visitors downline then click on your link, then you will also get additional traffic.
Well, please copy and paste this article, and remove the participant number 1 and add your web link in the top 10. Remember, you have to start from the 10th position for maximum results. Because if you tiba2 in position 1,
  then your link will disappear once someone has entered the top 10.
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Fixing The Google Sitemap Error

SEO Tutorial - sitemap you know ... ? sitemap what the heck was ... ? only limited information, a sitemap is a collection of blog sites list something pages. hence there sitemap, can ease the search engines for mengcrawler our blog site. nah .... not just enroll our blog site on google, one subject else should you do to be in the search engine index sitemap stating our blog site. nah .... what steps .. ? ? just follow it STEP 2 below:

1. Login at http :/ / www. google. com / webmasters / use id and password to your gmail account.
2. If not, please enter your website daftarin first. if it had been immediately went to the sitemap - add sitemap
3. Choose the column type, specify the general add websitemap
4. On my sitemap url (url of your blog site is generally available) Fill RSS atom. xml
5. Click ok and finished

Yep that's easy steps to register a sitemap of your blog on google.

If Lasts Error
Subject to blogspot google sitemap, google sitemap in fact due to error or warning blogspot pleased when we give the atom. sitemap xml as our blog site. nah .. to deal with the problem, please remove the previous sitemap atom. xml with the atom. xml? redirect = false. instead can be found here
survivors try!
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How to Blog For Being Number One on Google

   How to Blog For Being Number One on Google often once so complaints from all over the novice blogger today, because to get a good position in the google search, especially Google. co. id indeed require most special strategy. for the problem of what platform we use not only be a problem, can use blogspot or wordpress.

   But the most important is the influence of offpage SEO or backlinks means. get backlinks is something that there is a text link on your blog site or website to others that if we click then it can go to the page of our blog site. text of link anchor text is usually in the form or a short text which generally is the keyword of the destination page.

   Benefits of backlink is very important so that then the number one blog site on google and increase the popularity of the website (blog) or commonly known as PageRank authority measure something then and the importance of these linked websites by search engines like google. because the greater the pagerank the more quickly your own blog site on google number in each keyword.

   At a meeting I pingin easy guide to give something extraordinary moment but eventually get google pagerank quickly. then do the bottom line is the faster the greater the chance friends blog site can be number one on google if have gained pagerank later.
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How to Create a Blog To Appear in Google

 How to Create a Blog To Appear on Google - It looks like a basic question above is very much put forward by novice blogger. like I used to when first foray into the world of cyberspace as well as dabble in the activity called blogging.
  How to Create a Blog To Appear in Google
  Indeed in many ways we have to know a lot of basic as well as some tips when creating a blog site or site we entered into the highest ranks of search results in Google which is now indeed become a mecca in the world.

For the novice blogger, among the basic needs to have your web or blog site that is equally well with backlink or support. for the future, hence there is a backlink to your blog site to obtain additional value in ranking in each of the keywords that you make.
How to Create a Blog To Appear in Google
Well, here Search Engine Optimation can try to give a tutorial on the easy path in the application regarding the above, the fact that all this can be automated as well as the street without us knowing it can evolve rapidly with constantly. ok learn more please read the article here about How To Blog Being Number One on Google.
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How to Blog For Brands And Many crowd was!

How to Blog For Brands And Many crowd was, At this conference, Search Engine Optimation blog site blogger Indonesian special tutorial can easily try to share a little guide to stick around the blog site. ie give a little step guide so popular blog sites and visitor resource that many blog site visitors.

The first so we can blog popular sites can be grouped according to the type 2 kind of Search Engine Optimation tutorial, first popular in the eyes of the user as well as the popular 2nd largest search engine in the eyes of the world today like yahoo, google and bing.

For the current study blogger tutorials can provide information on how to order can be popular blog site by Search engines, especially Google. please read more here reference:

- How to Create a Blog To Appear in Google
- How To Blog Become Number One on Google

SEO article above has a little more to help teman2 blogger once to get the attention of search engines on his blog. because when properly follow the techniques that have been written on entirely hopefully can easily be realized.

Not just follow the steps above, none of the steps that can be said to be very practical, which is using the service Search Engine Optimation which is now very much a special Indonesia. indeed recording a price offer berbeda2 and in accordance with the level of competition for each keyword of their service users.

By because it is not going to be willing to spend a little dizzy as well as money that might be using the popular blog services as well as Search Engine Optimation Indonesia must have tested their strength when raising something blog site with specific keywords in google search mensin. because when our blog site on the first page and has 3 large sequence position no longer automatically soon many visitors who come and go effortlessly. regards.
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 Cara Membuat Buku Tamu / Guestbook Auto Hide di Blog -  Auto hide Shuotbox adalah efek yang akan membuat buku tamu muncul tanpa di klik dan tersembunyi tanpa di klik pula ( di lewati pointer mouse ), hanya beda sedikit dengan buku tamu show / hide.
Lihat Gambar Setelah dan sebelum disorot mouse

Gambar 1. Tertutup
Gambar 2. Terbuka
Sobat yang tertarik memasang widget ini, silahkan masukkan kode berikut di HTML/Javascript blog sobat :
<style type="text/css">
}* html #gb{position:relative;}

background:url('') no-repeat;

.gbcontent {
border:1px solid #000000;
-moz-border-radius-topright: 5px;
-moz-border-radius-topleft: 5px;
background: #F2F2F2; url() no-repeat bottom;


<script type="text/javascript">
function showHideGB(){
var gb = document.getElementById("gb");
var w = gb.offsetWidth;
gb.opened ? moveGB(0, 51-w) : moveGB(30-w, 0);
gb.opened = !gb.opened;
}function moveGB(x0, xf){

var gb = document.getElementById("gb");
var dx = Math.abs(x0-xf) > 25 ? 25 : 1;
var dir = xf>x0 ? 1 : -1;
var x = x0 + dx * dir; = x.toString() + "px";
if(x0!=xf){setTimeout("moveGB("+x+", "+xf+")", 5);}

<div id="gb">
<div class="gbtab" onmouseover="showHideGB()"> </div>

<div class="gbcontent">

<!-- BEGIN CBOX - - v001 -->
<div id="cboxdiv" style="text-align: center; line-height: 0">
<div><iframe frameborder="0" width="280" height="268" src=";boxtag=cecpjf&amp;sec=main" marginheight="2" marginwidth="2" scrolling="auto" allowtransparency="yes" name="cboxmain5-772205" style="border:#000000 1px solid;" id="cboxmain5-772205"></iframe></div>
<div><iframe frameborder="0" width="280" height="85" src=";boxtag=cecpjf&amp;sec=form" marginheight="2" marginwidth="2" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="yes" name="cboxform5-772205" style="border:#000000 1px solid;border-top:0px" id="cboxform5-772205"></iframe></div>
<!-- END CBOX -->

<br />
<div style="text-align:center">
<span style="float:right; color:#000000;">Widget by<a target="_blank" href=""> KaraokeBatak </a></span>
<script type="text/javascript">
var gb = document.getElementById("gb"); = (50-gb.offsetWidth).toString() + "px";


Cara Memasang :
  1. Klik Rancangan --> Elemen laman --> Tambah gadget --> HTML/Javascript
  2. Masukkan kodenya di kotak yang di sediakan.
  3. Klik Save 
Note :
Ganti kode warna merah dengan kode buku tamu/GuestBook/Chatbox milik sobat. Jika sobat belum punya buku tamu silahkan buat daftar terlebih dahulu di chatbox ( seperti winget chatbox sebelah kanan blog ini) , fibox, shoutchamp atau pada penyedia chatbox gratisan lainnya.
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Cara Memasang Read More di Blog

Cara Memasang Read More di Blog

Cara Memasang Read More di Blogger - Apa yang sobat tahu tentang readmore?? yap benar sekali.. readmore atau dalam bahasa indonesianya baca selengkapnya adalah fasilitas yang di buat untuk menghemat halaman utama serta memaksimalkan halaman postingan. Mengapa demikian??

Sebelum sobat memasang readmore otomatis di blog, postingan pada halaman utama akan di tampilkan full tanpa ada potongan sama sekali ( diskon kalee ) sedangkan ketika sobat mengklik salah satu artikel, di halamn posting akan muncul artikel yang sama dengan halaman utama, jadi pengunjung tak perlu lagi ke halaman postingan jika dia sudah membacanya di halaman utama. dengan kata lain,akan sedikit kemungkinan pengunjung akan ke halaman posting.

Jadi dapat saya simpulkan bahwa keberadaan Readmore di blog adalah hal yang mutlak di butuhkan. kali ini saya akan berbagi ke pada sobat blogger tentang bagaimana cara memasang readmore di blogspot. Sobat yang tertarik, silahkan ikuti tutorial berikut.

Cara Memasang Read More di Blog

1. Log in ke akun blog sobat.
2. Klik Rancangan --> Edit HTML --> centang kotak Expand template widget
3. Kemudian Letakkan kode berikut diatas kode </head>

<script type='text/javascript'> var thumbnail_mode = &quot;no-float&quot; ; summary_noimg = 430; summary_img = 340; img_thumb_height = 100; img_thumb_width = 120; </script> <script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

4. Cari kode  <data:post.body/> atau <p><data:post.body/></p> ( gunakan CTRL+F untuk memudahkan pencarian ). Jika mendapatkan 2 kode sama maka ganti saja kode yang pertama.

5. Ganti kode tersebut dengan kode berikut.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'>
<div expr:id='&quot;summary&quot; +'><data:post.body/></div>
<script type='text/javascript'>createSummaryAndThumb(&quot;summary<>&quot;);
<span class='rmlink' style='float:right;padding-top:20px;'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><img src=""></img></a></span>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><data:post.body/></b:if>

6. Klik save dan lihat hasilnya.

Tambahan :
  • summary_noimg = 430; jika artikel sobat tanpa gambar satupun maka yang akan di tampilkan pada halaman depan adalah huruf berjumlah 430.
  • summary_img = 340; Jika artikel sobat memilik gambar, maka yang akan di tampilkan di halaman depan adalah huruf berjumlah 340 dengan gambar.
  • img_thumb_height = 100; adalah tinggi dari thumbnail ( gambar ) yang di tampilkan di halaman depan.
  • img_thumb_width = 120; adalah lebar gambar yang akan di tampilkan di halaman depan
  • Ganti tulisan yang berwarna biru dengan Url gambar ( thumbnail untuk readmore ) sobat.
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cara memasang burung twitter

Cara membuat / memasang widget burung Twitter terbang di Blogger, mungkin trik ini sudah tidak asing lagi bagi sobat dan sudah banyak sekali saya melihat blog yang sudah memasang widget burung Twitter terbang ini dengan berbagai macam style dan warna burung Twitter yang berbeda-beda, sekarang saya akan mengulas kembali khusus buat teman-teman blogger yang baru membuat blog dengan platform blogspot

Memasang Burung Twitter Terbang di Blogspot
Twitter adalah layanan jejaring sosial yang sangat populer sekarang ini selain Facebook dan Google+ dan tidak salah banyak orang yang beramai-ramai untuk menjalin koneksi melalui Twitter apakah itu untuk keperluan bisnis maupun hanya sekedar berteman saja, nah bagi sobat yang mempunyai blog tidak ada salahnya memasang widget burung twitter terbang ini selain membuat blog sobat cantik dan unik, widget ini juga mempermudah sobat untuk menjalin pertemanan baru dengan pembaca blog sobat,Cara Buat / Pasang Burung Twitter Terbang Di Blog hanya dengan sekali klik pada burung twitter yang terbang maka akan otomatis terhubung dengan profile twitter sobat,
Ok tanpa panjang lebar mari kita kupas bersama-sama cara memasang widget ini

Pertama-tama silahkan login di Blogger

  • Klik Layout > Add Gadget > Html/Javascript
  • Copy paste kode di bawah ini ke kolom Html/javascript

<!-- floating twitter Bird -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var birdSprite="";
var targetElems=new Array("img","hr","table","td","div","input","textarea","button","select","ul","ol","li","h1","h2","h3","h4","p","code","object","a","b","strong","span");
var twitterAccount = "";
var tweetThisText = "Twitter - UserID";

  • Ganti kode yang berwarna biru dengan nama pengguna (username) akun Twitter sobat
  • Simpan dan lihat hasilnya

Warna Pilihan Burung Terbang Twitter

Rubah Warna Burung Twitter

Untuk membuat warna burung Twitter yang lain sobat bisa mengganti kode yang berwarna merah diatas dengan kode-kode dibawah ini sesuai dengan warna pilihan yang sobat inginkan

Warna Kuning

Warna Hitam

Warna Biru

Warna Coklat

Warna Hijau

Warna Ungu

Warna Putih

Warna Merah


    god luck frends
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